In life, you either stay where you are or give yourself the opportunity to show what you can do, to let yourself commit mistakes and to learn from them and to avoid them.
Life doesn't guarantee us any safe destination to be in, but life takes us to places we can travel to, stay on for quite awhile, and to leave when things get pretty rocky.
We can, and eventually, will get lost on most days. We may also find ourselves following a path we once thought was right, or we may also be going with the flow without thinking if it's really meant for us or not.
Sometimes, we insist too much that what we know is right, and what we want is what we need. We make ourselves believe that what we choose in life is everything we are meant to live for.
I believe that we are not expected to be fearless, nevertheless, we are expected to be brave enough to face what lies ahead of us and to fight for what we stand for.But being 'lost' is always just our choice.  We can always walk forward to a better, if not the right path.


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